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The Empowerment Playground

Our Purpose:

We help empower parents to fully maximize their child's potential from ages 3-12 years old.

How we help you

As education specialists we use our extensive network and expertise in child development to create a customized list of programs and activities that are age appropriate for your child based on your child's unique needs.

We are right for you if:

You are a parent who wants to find the best programs and activities available for your child at their specific phase of development. Let us help you:

  • Save Time. We do the research of finding the best programming pieces for your child in your local area and/or online options.
  • Feel Confident. As Education & Empowerment Specialist with 10 years in the industry, we pre-vet all local and online programs we recommend from our database and network of businesses that offer child programs.

Parents Paired with an Education Specialist = Empowering Results

Parents want to see their children happy and set them up for success. One such way is to have your own education specialist - let us help you find the unique programs that expand your child's creativity, development and confidence.

The Result:

Receive a customized list based on your child's needs and based on our 6 Cornerstones to child Development method. We take out the guesswork out of pairing the right activities and programs for your unique child.

We hand-pick the very best programs and activities from your area for your child's age, specific needs and goals based on our 6 cornerstones of child development.

Let us do the research and provide you with a curated list of the best programs that fit your child's unique personality and developmental phase every step of the way.

How it Works

Step 1

Step 2

An educational specialist will review your form and hand-pick what programs in your local area & online are a best match for your child based on the information you provided and our 6 Cornerstones of Childhood Development method

Step 3

Receive a customized list of programs & activities within 24 hours

Step 4

Reach out to whatever programs & activities that fit your schedule & needs based on our customized list. Empower your child!

Our method for creating your custom list is based on these 6 Cornerstones Of Child Development

Happy Kids


Social and Emotional


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Communication (Speach/Language)


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Physical Development


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Academic Skills

(Math & Sciences)

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Expressive Arts

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Self Confidence


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Sample: Empowerment Playground Customized List

Client: Daya

Age: 4 years old

Thank you for trusting us to empower your child in their learning journey!

Our education specialist has read your form about Daya and assessed your needs. Based on the information you provided, you wish to develop Daya further in the following 3 Cornerstones of Child Development:

Cornerstone #1: Social and Emotional Development

What does Social & Emotional Development look like for Daya at age 4?

Why are these Social & Emotional Development skills and experiences important to develop at this stage?

They are important for:

  • Regulating emotions
  • Following instructions
  • Sharing with others
  • The foundational pieces for learning to read, learning math, making friends

In general, they are important towards a child's success in school! And even more importantly, social development also influences a child's confidence and sense of value in the world.

Program & activities The Empowerment Playground suggests to further develop Daya's Social and Emotional Development at this age:

  • The Discover & Grow Program in your hometown city. Details attached explaining how it works, how to contact the program and why we recommend it for Daya are included in this package.

Cornerstone #2: Development in Expressive Arts

This is the end of this client sample (only page 1 of 4 shown)

  • Learning to play cooperatively with peers
  • Negotiating solutions to conflicts
  • Seeking new experiences & friends
  • Is better able to distinguish her likes and dislikes
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Sky Blue Rectangle Shape

Learning various interaction skills and as such is becoming:

  • More cooperative with others
  • Sharing toys
  • Taking turns
  • Showing empathy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : When can I expect to get my customized list?

A : It will be emailed to you within 24 hours of submitting your form & payment

Q : How exactly do you pair the right activities for my child?

A : An education specialist will do the pairing. They do this based on 3 criteria: (1.) Based on the information you provide about your child in your form (2.) Using the 6 Cornerstones of Childhood Development method (3.) Drawing on over 10 years expertise in this field and having an in-depth database of programs and activities to draw from in the child empowerment and development industry during the matching process.

Q : Are the programs and activities you recommend in the customized list for my child independent of The Empowerment Playground?

A : Yes the programs referred are not associated with The Empowerment Playground. They are local and online businesses that we have pre-vetted and recommend based on our unbiased opinion so that your child receives the very best options for their empowerment and development.

Q : Does the price of the customized list include the price of the programs recommended in the customized list?

A : No they do not. That is how we keep our price low so that our customized pairing expertise is available for as many parents as possible. You decide which programs in that list are a best fit for your family schedule and child and contact them to sign up or for further information.

About Us

Children in School

Our History:

Created in 2010, Empowerment Playground began as an Empowerment Coaching Centre for children and teenagers. Our clients began to experience 75% increases in confidence over the course of 3 months and this resulted in tangible outcomes such as increased grades and happier relationships in friendship and family dynamics.

Taking it one step further, we than developed a leadership and development curriculum that was incorporated into local schools.

In 2013 and 2014 we launched The Kids Camp Expo which was a live exhibition that brought together parents wanting to discover new children's programs and local businesses offering those very services. These Expo's bridged that gap because they brought together everyone under one roof one one day each year.

Today we empower families online by bringing you specialized knowledge about what programming pieces fit your unique child's development and interest based on where they fit on the 6 Cornerstones of Childhood Development. We find local programs and activities already existing in your local area as well as amazing online programs that fit your child's current needs based on our extensive database network and 10 years coaching expertise - and bring that curated information to your fingertips saving you time and the frustration.

Contact us today, we'd love to be your family's personal education consultant!

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